Scenario 2:

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Scenario 2:

After completing the branch activation activities for all required branches, the network administrator attempts to test connectivity between the various branches and between the hubs and branches. The administrator notices a lack of connectivity despite being certain that configurations have been complete. The administrator also observed that several users are reporting intermittent connectivity to some of the applications they are accessing. Other users are reporting no access to these applications. Other users at some of the branches claim they cannot get to certain public resources. The administrator wants to ensure that all sites can talk to each other and all resources are accessible.


One branch location is not able to communicate with another branch location via dynamic branch-to-branch tunnels. While troubleshooting at the Edge configuration level, the network administrator notices Cloud VPN is not enabled and is grayed out, preventing them from enabling that feature.
A . Where is the next location to check for and enable the necessary feature?
B . Within the Configuration section under Profiles. Within the Monitor section under Network Services.
C . Within the Test & Troubleshooting section under Remote Diagnostics.
D . Within the Configuration section under Customer VPN enablement.

Answer: D

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