What are two ways the uplink feature should be used in this scenario?

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Scenario 3:

After resolving numerous connectivity Issues throughout the various branch sites, connectivity between applications and users is finally present. The network administrator is informed that during certain tests, applications are not performing as they are expected to. Users report that call quality has not fully improved and that some of their calls either drop or have poor voice quality where the conversation is breaking up. Other users are noticing that file transfers are slower than expect. A group of users from a few sites have reported slowness in accessing internal and external applications.


The network administrator has been made aware that Chicago is receiving traffic from non-SD-WAN sites, bottlenecking Chicago’s interfaces. The network administrator’s VMware SE has mentioned using the uplink feature to help resolve this.

What are two ways the uplink feature should be used in this scenario? (Choose two.)
A . Set the uplink community to forward traffic to a group of neighbors.
B . Direct all traffic to that neighbor designated as an uplink,
C . Stop mutual redistribution of routes from underlay and overlay.
D . Prevent the site in question from becoming a transit site.

Answer: B,D

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