Which two elements represent risks to the successful delivery of this solution?

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An architect is tasked with designing a greenfield VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) solution that will be used to deliver a private cloud service for a customer.

During the initial meeting with the service owner and business sponsor, the customer has provided the following information to help inform the design:

✑ The solution must support the concurrent running of 1,000 virtual machines

✑ The production environment must be delivered across two geographically

dispersed data centers All virtual machines must be capable of running in either data center.

✑ The two data centers are currently connected to each other through a single but diversely routed, high bandwidth and low latency link.

✑ The link between the two data centers is capable of supporting a round-trip time (RTT) of 150 ms. The existing server hardware standard document states that all virtual infrastructure hosts must be deployed using vSAN ReadyNodes

✑ The service owner has stated that it is critical to ensure the availability target of 99.9% All virtual machine backups must be completed using the existing backup service

✑ The recovery time objective (RTO) for the service is five minutes

✑ The recovery point objective (RPO) of the service is four hours

Which two elements represent risks to the successful delivery of this solution? (Choose two.)
A . The use of only two data centers
B . The network connectivity between data center sites
C . The use of vSAN ReadyNodes
D . The RTT on the link between the two data centers
E . The use of the existing backup service

Answer: D,E

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